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Even if you really think that a failure you have experienced asserts the right to SLA credits, the process of applying for these credits is often vague and, ultimately, the cloud service provider is free to actually grant these credits. Softlayer will even present you with a $50 fine if you make a false claim. Our proposal would be to ignore any compensation from SLA credits and focus on never getting to that point! Want to read more? Please visit the CloudQuadrants website and check out our services about it. If you enter into an agreement with a third party unilaterally, you may be used to the idea that it is a mutual agreement that cannot be changed unilaterally by one of the parties involved. You think it`s the same for acquiring cloud services, but it`s not. At least not for all suppliers. Take, for example, Google`s Compute Cloud. The SLA, which applies to its cloud service, expressly states that they allow themselves to make changes to the service level agreement and other related documents. You can even change the price if you wish.

Google will not actively notify you of changes to your agreement unless you post them online in a revised version of the SLA. In other words, you need to have someone of your employees update the URL of Google`s terms every hour to see if he or she can find any changes. If you don`t like the changes to Google`s agreement, you`ll simply be notified to “stop using the services.” This could be an unpleasant surprise in this situation. Let`s go back, for example, to amazon`s major outage. Most providers work with so-called SLA credits, which can be obtained as damages in the event of a shutdown. These credits are similar to flight miles and can only be used as a discount on your monthly bill. Although in the event of a major failure, these SLAs are a tiny compensation (the damage can easily exceed the amount paid for the use of the cloud service), situations in which cloud service providers decide to actually grant these credits seem rare. Amazon, for example, only allows you to get SLA credits if the service was in the “region unavailable” status.

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