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As soon as the underwriter makes a decision, we will let you know so that you can inform the client. If your customer is a remortgaging customer, it will only take 48 hours for your offer to be ready for you, based on the results of your evaluation. For the duration of the mortgage trip, we will keep you informed of updates via SMS and email. Here is a brief overview of the most important phases: there are always people who have to sell their property immediately. Most of the time, these are the best deals you can get. With a mortgage AIP, the chances of your real estate agent informing you a lot can be higher. It can also give you the upper hand during the final negotiations. Instead of visiting a store during the coronavirus outbreak, you can get a policy decision online or call us for help. HSBC no longer needs an offer document signed and returned by our customer when a conveyor is used. An “offer without signature” is sent and is deemed accepted if we receive the certificate of ownership.

Based on a current HSBC 2 year £999 Fee Fixed Rate of 1.19% from 19 November 2020, if you contracted £250,000 with a deposit of at least 40%, your monthly payments would be £963.97** during the 2-year submission period. Compared to a typical standard variable rate of 3.54% and monthly payments of £1,233.59, you can save up to £270 per month.** In addition to taking the upper hand in the home buying process, HSBC Mortgage AIP offers its own benefits. For starters, you`ll get it within 60 minutes and we won`t charge you anything. In addition, it is valid for a maximum of 60 days and you can get it with only a brief visit to the Bank. At present, we cannot take into account bonuses, overtime or commissions unless you are an NHS employee, in which case we use overtime at the pre-March 2020 level. Please complete this section of the application only if you are an NHS staff member. Please do not indicate income from zero-hour contracts in the application, unless it is the second salary employed in any of these professions. Step 1 – Put your supporting documents at our disposal. Consult the necessary supporting documents and make an appointment with a mortgage advisor. Once you have submitted your documents to support your application, the following steps are as follows: We insure and provide the offer of mortgages to the client electronically.


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