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If you know that your flight is a codeshare flight, you should find out as soon as possible who the exporting airline is. If you fly in business or first class, you will undoubtedly find a different product than what you booked at the beginning. Let me briefly touch on these four types of agreements: conclusion: the main difference between interline flights and codeshare flights is that Interline flights are rather passenger service agreements for flights between 2 different airlines, while codeshare flights are a commercial agreement between 2 airlines in order to offer larger networks around the world. Customers can buy a ticket from 1 airline, but travel with a number of other airlines as long as the airlines have a business relationship called a codeshare agreement. As a result, customers have greater autonomy in choosing their flight plan, whichever suits them best. While there are a number of ways to use codeshares that don`t behave like normal airline tickets, we`ve rounded up the most important ones that are for point travelers and frequent flyers. One of the best ways to collect miles with your favorite loyalty program is to credit yourself with as many paid flights as possible. For example, if you have decided to collect japan Airlines miles in some way, you can collect miles on eligible codeshare flights. Let`s introduce a few words. An exporting airline is an airline that effectively provides aviation logistics, whether it is slots, pilots, ground services or operating licenses. The marketing company is simply the airline that sells codeshare tickets to its customers. Bottom Line: Ideally, before you book, you should know if your flight is a codeshare flight.

If not, you should have done at least some research on your flight in order to find out which aircraft it is and what type of product it contains exactly. If you don`t, you could be very disappointed. Passengers benefit enormously from codeshares and line spacing lines. In addition to cheaper tickets, you don`t have to worry, among other things, about the lack of air connections or the discovery of your luggage at each intermediate airport. Passengers can enjoy elite benefits and earn miles where they wouldn`t normally be able. However, you`ll likely find that in the past, you`ve used codeshares and line-spacing to your advantage, whether you`re being rerouted by an airline due to bad weather or your luggage is delivered on your plane ticket to your final destination. . . .

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