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The declaration was signed in Lisbon`s historic Belém Tower by Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Gilberto Kassab, Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications of Brazil, and Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology of South Africa, at the “New Era of Blue Enlightenment” conference. A video of the signing of the Belém Declaration can be viewed here or in the video gallery. CIM delegates continued to insist on international agreements throughout America that bring about change and protect women. In 1998, they adopted the Santo Domingo Declaration, which recognizes that the inalienable rights of women exist throughout their lives and are an integral and indivisible part of universal human rights. [6] The agreement, known as the Belém Declaration, outlines ways for countries to develop their understanding of the South Atlantic, from food security to climate change to sea currents. This is part of the reason why Northwest Europe experiences milder and wetter winters than other countries at the same latitude, but some fear that climate change will eliminate or alter the sea`s promotion strip. 1. The regulations shall lay down the procedure to be followed for communications containing allegations or complaints concerning violations of human rights attributable to States which are not parties to the American Convention on Human Rights. 2.

The Commission shall consult the Member concerned before taking its decision. “We are able to share the cost of the observations and scientific research that needs to be done.” B. Encourage the media to develop appropriate media guidance to contribute to the elimination of violence against women in all its forms and to improve respect for women`s dignity; 1. In accordance with the provisions of articles 44 to 51 of the American Convention on Human Rights, the regulations of the Commission establish the procedure to be followed in the event of a petition or communication alleging a violation of one of the rights guaranteed by the Convention and that such a violation is attributed to a State that is a party to the Convention. DEPOSITARY: Secretariat-General (original act and ratifications) Together, the EU and several Atlantic countries have made remarkable progress in our cooperation in the field of marine research and innovation. We have made considerable progress towards an All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance, linked to the signing of the European Union-United States-Canada Galway Declaration on Atlantic Cooperation and the European Union-Brazil-South Africa Belém Declaration on the Atlantic Ocean b. To submit to State Governments recommendations on the adoption of progressive measures for human rights within the framework of their legislation, constitutional provisions and international obligations, as well as appropriate measures to continue to respect them; 2. Each Government may propose up to three candidates who may be nationals of the nominating State or of another Member State of the organisation. .

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