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The minimum investment of £170,000 covers franchise fees, equipment and essential costs and gives investors the opportunity to be their own boss, run a gym and be an integral part of their local community. Obligations and Restrictions: While it is not necessary for franchisees to personally supervise their Anytime fitness center, the franchisor recommends doing so. If the franchisee is not the company`s “in advance” supervisor, a primary operator must be designated as the on-site supervisor. The primary operator of the business must meet the requirements for initial training and any other reasonably defined training, and that person must sign a confidentiality agreement with the franchisee that meets the franchisee`s requirements and that the franchisee makes available to Anytime Fitness prior to taking the training. Franchisees may only offer authorized products and services and must offer all products and services that all franchisees consider necessary. Anytime Fitness encourages owners to be regularly physically present in their clubs, to get in touch with members and to manage a small team of specialized collaborators. The model allows people from all walks of life to own a club, regardless of the experience of the fitness industry. Financial support: The franchisee generally does not offer, directly or indirectly, other financing to help franchisees set up their business. However, the franchisor has agreements with a number of third-party suppliers that provide financing to its franchisees. The franchisee also has a direct bridge financing program that it offers to qualified franchisees to finance tenant improvements.

The franchisee does not guarantee any borrowing, leasing or other obligations entered into by the franchisees. Potential franchisees have the choice between 5- or 10-year franchise agreements. This is a recent initiative to provide franchisees and potential owners with an additional level of safety and security. Anytime Fitness franchisees are supported throughout their journey by experts in a number of areas. After proposing a maximum franchise agreement term of five years, the move allows franchisees to have a longer period to create their clubs and recover their initial investments. These coaches have years of experience in the fitness industry, from general managers to regional managers in public and private fitness organizations. “It`s good news for franchisees and the bank that this has been put in place now that the reduced monthly payments compared to a five-year contract will allow franchisees to generate more money that can be used faster for future expansion plans. . . .

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