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Franchised coverage is triggered when a loss repository exceeds a predefined threshold where the reinsurer covers the losses of the withdrawn insurer. The benchmark may be based on losses incurred by a given activity sold by the insurer, or may be fixed to losses in the wider market. Once the threshold is set on the experience of the broader market, the reinsurer and the retiring insurer will agree on the exact repository to use and specify it in the reinsurance contract. The dissent is 14/16 or 0.875. The disagreement is due to the quantity, because the assignment is optimal. Kappa is 0.01. Conclusions. Despite many similarities between SAP-SITA and SAP-FT, the shift from SAP-FT to SAP-SITA changes the relationship with FDT with respect to visual field anomalies, but not the correlations of global indices. FDT recognized abnormal fields in more eyes than SAP-FT. SAP-FT has tended to detect part of the eyes found abnormally by FDT. Visual field defects may be more frequently detected by FDT and SAP-SITA in the eyes with an early loss of visual field, but these two tests do not determine the effects of loss of eye field in patients who undergo both tests during follow-up.

Excess reinsurance is a type of reinsurance in which the reinsurer compensates or compensates the receiving company for losses exceeding a specified limit. A reinsurer is a company that financially protects insurance companies; a company that presents itself as an insurance company that transfers the insurance portfolio to a reinsurer. Cohens coefficient Kappa () is a statistic used to measure reliability between advisors (and also the reliability of inter-raters) for qualitative (categorical) elements. [1] It is generally accepted that this is a more robust indicator than a simple percentage of the agreement calculation, since the possibility of a random agreement is taken into account. There are controversies around Cohens Kappa because of the difficulty of interpreting the indications of the agreement. Some researchers have suggested that it is easier, conceptually, to assess differences of opinion between objects. [2] For more details, see Restrictions.

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