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Schlumberger recorded US$3.764 billion in 2017 ($533 million in the United States and $3.231 billion outside the United States); $3.820 billion in 2016 ($1.848 billion in the United States and $1.972 outside the United States); and $2.575 billion in 2015 (US$883 million and US$1.692 billion outside the United States). These fees and credits are included in the table above and are described in more detail in Note 3 – Fees and Credits. “At this point, customer reviews and our analysis suggest that Capex`s global spending is expected to decline by about 20% by 2020, with most of North America`s decline expected to decline by about 40%. On the other hand, the international E-P-Capex is expected to decline by about 15%. Because it affects customers, independent companies are expected to reduce their spending faster than CCIs, while NOCs have declined the least on that date, but could adapt under the recent OPEC agreement. IDF sanctions are expected to return to the lowest level in 2015, indicating project delays until 2021 and beyond. In connection with the acquisition of Mr. Schlumberger, Cameron merged with Schlumberger Holdings Corporation (“SHC”), a wholly-owned indirect U.S. subsidiary of Schlumberger. Under the agreement, cameron shareholders received 0.716 shares of Schlumberger Limited`s common stock and a cash payment of $14.44 in exchange for each outstanding cameron share. As part of this transaction, SHC acquired approximately 138 million common shares of Schlumberger Limited and transferred these shares to Cameron shareholders. As a direct result of Schlumberger`s acquisition of Cameron in 2016, some of Cameron`s non-U.S. subsidiaries are all or partly owned by a U.S.

subsidiary of Schlumberger. As noted in Note 3, Schlumberger recorded a charge of $410 million related to the single mandatory tax on previously deferred foreign income of the U.S. subsidiary of SCHLumberger. After taking into account the effects of foreign tax credits and tax losses, the cash tax resulting from the single mandatory tax on previously deferred external income of the SCHLumberger subsidiary in the United States will not be significant. Schlumberger recorded significant expenses and credits in 2017, 2016 and 2015. These expenses and credits, summarized below, are described in more detail in Note 3 of the consolidated financial statements. The cost of the net benefit (credit) for the U.S. medical plan after retirement included the following: Schlumberger Limited offered to pay me or grant, if applicable, certain benefits and allowances (together the “counterpart”) in accordance with the restrictions in effect in my employment contract with Schlumberger Limited on September 1, 2020 (the “agreement”), which are in addition to the allowances or benefits to which I am already entitled.

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