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I was married last July. This is my second marriage. I have two children from my first marriage. My new husband lives in my house. Someone told me that because we are married, if anything happened to me, the house would go to him and not to my children (13 and 16)… I didn`t know it, and maybe I was going to create a post-nup to align it. I don`t want to spend a lot of money, but I just want to make sure my children are protected. Is it feasible? He proposes to sign an agreement well before the six-month mark to avoid these problems and take advantage of the benefits of the negotiation you have before you tie the knot. Will things that are not listed be available to me if I sign the Postnup, when it is not indicated? Will I still be able to get alimony, is it adulterous again and a divorce occurs? Will a judge honor even after the hour on the basis of our situation? If I am not entitled to anything, can I complain about emotional and psychological distress? My husband was caught in the act of fraud. Now he`ll like that the wedding works, but on the condition that I sign a post-up.

I read it and it only covers the house (it`s not in his name, but it will be given to him when his parents die). It also has a business hat not mentioned and a non-profit. Regardless of the motivation for obtaining a post-Nup, both parties should always seek independent legal advice from a family lawyer before signing the document to ensure that they understand what they accept and that the post-Nup will be confirmed in court. Kohorst and other experts say that the key to asset protection lies when you haven`t signed a pre-Nup, in a little-known agreement that is becoming increasingly popular: a post-Nup. BC marriage agreements are only effective and applicable if you follow several rules. If you break one or more rules, the marriage contract can be easily terminated or terminated. That`s why it`s best to consult a marriage contract lawyer and let them make the deal for you. Marriage contracts are like insurance: you pay $2000 a year for your car insurance, why not invest a fraction of it in a BC marriage contract that could save you property if the relationship doesn`t work? My husband and I have been married for 40 years, and I just found out that he had night passes and liaisons throughout our marriage. He wants advice and saving the marriage. Can I have a post-nup that says that if it is taken, it cheats one way or another that it will lose its half of our house.

He agrees. All other assets would be allocated 50/50. In any case, the bronze package is not suitable for your situation or a post-uptial agreement. Since you are married, you and your spouse both have different family law rights and obligations that have already emerged, so it is important that you both seek a (separated) lawyer. Do you think a post-marriage arrangement could be beneficial for your marriage? Let us help. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers. There are many reasons why man may decide to design a post-uptial agreement. In many cases, the marriage is fragile and the couple wishes to discuss the consequences of a divorce in a preventive manner. In this way, a post-marital agreement resembles cooperative divorce, where the couple meets with a neutral mediator to block a plan to find out who gets what in the divorce without going to court.

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