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Form NPA (Form 447) shows the start and end date of the agreement. The NPA must be signed in writing and on the day the support agreement begins. From that date, the child is considered to be in the custody of the CEO. A residence put rule is not the same as a care home. The young person who is in the world, who must be a relevant former child, is no longer a child in care. You are a young adult and a retiree. They are entitled to assistance as dependents and receive a personal advisor. The caregiver no longer acts as a caregiver for this young adult; They are their “former caregiver.” The health care agency becomes a “staying put agreement” and is not subject to the rules of care. Consideration should be given to how local authorities and independent support service providers (PFIs) work with IFP nurses who wish to provide residence systems to a young person they are caring for. The residence plan is not a care facility and can therefore be negotiated separately from contracts and support contracts, although certain framework conditions apply to the maintenance of their tendering procedures. However, the PFI must be fully involved in the negotiations, as the decisions taken will have an impact on the availability of these health care workers and the assessment of their continued eligibility and will have financial consequences for all parties involved.

When a person other than a parent seeks assistance in the form of a care plan in the absence of protection issues, it may be appropriate to refer to a placement service covered in paragraph 1, point a) of the legislation. For example, a grandparent`s primary mission to care for a child may seek respite as a means of support. When an NPA is negotiated with a family with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds (CaLD), the specific linguistic and cultural needs of the family must be taken into account. Payment of the care allowance may be delayed until the young person leaves the placement. The decision of an NPA is made in agreement with the Team Leader and Child Protection Worker Placement Services (SCPWPS) and must be approved by the Deputy District Director (ADD) or District Director (DD).

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