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This agreement has been reached on – With basic rules that can help them resolve conflicts. You`ll never know when emotional and financial problems can arise. Hire a lawyer to create the necessary documents and draft an effective agreement. Your contract must include title, ownership percentages, purchase costs, down payment sharing, maintenance tasks, etc. 2. Each owner bears the cost of maintaining the soil in its history; The floor of the entrance, the front door, the common courtyard and the common sanitary work is kept on a pro-rata basis at the expense of all owners; (3) The staircase from the entrance to the first floor is maintained on a pro-rata basis at the expense of all owners, with the exception of the ground floor owner; stairs from the first to the second floor are kept at the expense of all but the owner of the ground floor and the owner of the first floor; and so on one after the other. (396) PERPENDICULAR OWNERSHIP. Different stories belong to different ownersArt. 491.

None of the co-owners can proceed with the joint case without the agreement of the other amendments, even if the result would be benefits for all. However, if the reluctance on the part of one or more co-owners is clearly detrimental to the common interest, the courts may grant an appropriate discharge. (397a) ALTERATION1. The change that is more or less permanent2. Which changes the use of this stuff3. This affects the state of the thing or its enjoyment by another type. 492. The decisions of the majority of the co-owners are binding on the management and the best enjoyment of the common. There is no majority unless the decision is approved by the co-owners representing the dominant participation in the purpose of the condominium.

If there is no majority or if the majority`s decision is to be seriously prejudicial to those interested in shared ownership, the Tribunal orders the case of an interested party to take whatever action it deems appropriate, including the appointment of a director. If part of the case belongs exclusively to one of the co-owners and the rest is common, the above provision applies only to the common party.

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