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(1) develop non-restrictive arrangements allowing ASEAN Member States to use tourism professionals and skilled workers in the region on the basis of bilateral agreements; (4) call on Airlines in Member States to extend their tourism promotion programmes; VU the Manila Declaration of 15 December 1987 expressing ASEAN`s determination to promote travel within ASEAN and strengthen the ASEAN tourism industry; Member States are cooperating in the development of human resources in the tourism and tourism sectors by creating (7) favourable conditions for the public and private sectors, in order to become more involved in the development of tourism, travel within ASEAN countries and investments in tourism services and facilities. Ia memaparkan, ASAM merupakan open sky agreement yang bertujuan meningkatkan konektivitas domestik dan kawasan ASEAN melalui integrasi jaringan produksi dan liberalisasi pelayanan. Nantinya, maskapai dari negara anggota ASEAN dapat terbang secara bebas di dalam wilayah ASEAN. (2) increased joint use of resources and facilities for tourism education and training programmes; (4) the creation of an integrated network of tourism and tourism services to maximize the complementarity of the region`s tourist attractions; (6) strengthening mutual assistance in the development of human resources and strengthening cooperation in the development, modernization and extension of tourism and travel facilities and services in ASEAN; and (2) to strengthen cooperation between ASEAN Member States in the tourism sector in order to improve its efficiency and competitiveness; (9) promote investment opportunities in the ASEAN tourism industry; (11) Promote public-private partnerships in the field of tourism marketing and promotion, in cooperation with international and regional tourism organizations and other relevant organizations. CONSCIENTSS of improving the efficiency and competitiveness of ASEAN`s tourism services; (5) Cooperation with other countries, groups of countries and international institutions in the field of human resource development for tourism.

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